In an ordinary Proof of Work system, miners compete in order to solve a problem and receive a block reward. However in Ark, that issue is mitigated with Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) where users vote for individual delegates to be given that task. The task of forging a new block is assigned to one of the top 51 delegates with the most votes every 8 seconds. Adding a new block to the blockchain awards the forger with 2 newly minted Ark. This means every delegate gets an average of 422 Ark every 24 hours.

It is common practice for delegates to offer to share their forging rewards with their voters in order to entice them to continue voting for them and secure their spot in the top 51.

By staking with Del you are guaranteed to receive a share of the 75% of ALL are forged during a pay period. In order to determine how much ARK that you will be rewarded from staking, check out the calculator. Note: The amount of ARK displayed as reward is merely an estimation is not guaranteed, factors such as dilution of the pool due to high vote count can significantly influence the amount you are expecting to be paid. In other words, there are no guarantees in regards to how much you will get paid, but you will be guaranteed a payout from the 95% of the total forged ARK.
The payouts are currently scheduled to be automatically paid out on a weekly basis. However, dynamic payout schedules are well underway.
If you are interested in supporting Del, you can learn how to vote by checking out the following [guide]

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